Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cigna Health Insurance

In 1982, INA Corporation and Connecticut General Corporation came together to form CIGNA. Your logo is the tree of life, which symbolizes the Mission of CIGNA, culture and products. Like a strong tree, CIGNA also has deep roots. INA began in 1792, while the General of Connecticut began 1865. CIGNA health insurance is sensitive to the needs of people's health and believes that good health has a good sense of well-being. CIGNA health insurance plans include:

1 Medical gives you a variety of services and programs that can meet their needs and improve their health and wellbeing.

2. The pharmacy gives you access to more than 57,000 participating pharmacies. Once you become a member, you can ask that your prescription drugs online which will be delivered to your door for your convenience.

3 dental - with this plan, visit the dentist makes it more effective and convenient. Mainly there are no forms to fill out, no waiting and no need to meet the deductible.

4 Behavioral Health importance not only for their physical health, but also make sure that your mental well-being.

5. Vision - members of this plan can have access to many network providers of quality eye specialists.

6. Life - provides you with the greatest coverage when you need it the most while you are still earning and working for your future.

7. Accident - in case of serious injuries or death, members or beneficiaries can get the benefits.

8. Disability - a member suffering from disability can be covered up to 6 months of no income due to illness or injury.

Cigna Health Insurance received awards like "Best Technology" which was introduced by Health Plan Organization for both Employee and Consumer Choice. Another top award received by the said company is under the category of Consumer Health Care which is "Best Health Initiative Plan." According to Business Insurance Readers, CIGNA is the best when it comes to managing care and employee assistance.

Advantages and details from Cigna dental insurance plan

If you are in the market looking for the dental plan that is perfect for the needs of his family, then we have a quick look at Cigna dental online insurance plans since they seek to obtain the best coverage for their members and try to save as much as possible. CIGNA has several projects that aim to everything that you or your family might want to take care of your dental health cover and one of those stories might be right for you.

With these dental benefits specific plans always are significant and will be of interest to someone who is in the market looking for quality as well as the convenience.

These plans provide comprehensive coverage to cover a wide range of dental services with preventive procedures to 100%.

Members participating in any get medical and dental plans from CIGNA add benefits through the integration of oral health dental program added that members get enrolled in a rewards program that allows members to participate in programs related to the health and fitness centre near their areas. In this plan, with registered members pay served in a variety of health and wellness products, ranging from acupuncture to the vision correction with laser.

Here are some of the best plans that Cigna has to offer: the Traditional Plan, the CIGNAFlex AdvantageSM plan and the CIGNA Plus Savings plan.

The Traditional plan offers members to any dentist or specialist, without referrals and includes most services. Members pay the difference up to the dentist's usual fees and after meeting a deductible or satisfying waiting periods, they get reimbursed up to the full costs. Reward programs for insurance use are in effect, offering valuable bonuses for usage of the insurer's policy.

Members can add the Flex Advantage plan feature to any dental plan which allows them to switch between any of the dental plans on a monthly basis.

CIGNA Plus Savings is a discount dental program that is designed to meet the needs of employers looking to offer an extra benefit to part-time or seasonal employees or retirees.

It's simple and easy for employers to manage with choices for group or individual billing.

Once a member has enrolled and receives his or her ID cards, he or she can start to use the program.

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